Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Over the last few weeks we've been working on some new designs soon to grace the website, including some new fabric patterns which I can't wait to print. While I was thinking about uses for the fabric today I realised that I had forgotten to say anything about a little collaboration I worked on towards the end of last year (blame the baby brain). Behold some very pretty lampshades using my Winter Seasons fabric printed in bespoke colours for my good pal Michelle of Bay Designs.
I met Michelle at Top Drawer last spring when her first words to me were, "I like your company name, Showpony, I've got one of those!" Cue the next three days spent talking about everything from horses to sewing to running a small business. Michelles lampshades are really beautiful and I was chuffed she wanted to make some using my fabric, I think they look really sweet, and if you do too you could buy them here.

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